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i did it!!!!! This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. (4 weeks ago)

U (on vWii mode)

1,000 Views ~ 03/02/13 Song: High Voltage Cover by Your Favorite Martian Original (not cover) by Linkin Park. HACK AT OWN RISK! Requirements: 2GB or LESS SD (2 months ago)

How do people know ? | GBAtemp.net

I want to learn about all this hacking stuff and making apps like everyone else but i don't know where to start. Is there some sort of class that (10 years ago)

(Without Twilight Princess) [Menu 4.1]

????????????: 28 ??? 2009 ; Here is the video of me explaining and showing without using Twilight Princess, using a new process Bannerbomb. (2 weeks ago)

Step By Step Tutorial W Audio Instruc

download leak: *****quickdatapro****/Benson9024/Wii LINK TO DOWNLOAD - *****www.mediafire****/?injnjy5xhwn So yeah this is my first tutorial please tell me what you think. (4 weeks ago)

Nintendo Switch to have a hacking panel at 34C3 this year

Hackers Plutoo, derrek, and naehrwert are set to discuss Nintendo Switch hacking during the Chaos Communication Congress (a massive hacking meetup in (3 months ago)

Use Your Wii As a Dvd Player: 6 Steps

For some reson Nintendo decided not to include the dvd play-back function into the wii. But it is now possible thanks to some amazing work by Team TwiizersYou Will (10 years ago)

Install the Homebrew Channel to Wii U's Wii Mode

Learn how to install the homebrew channel to the Wii Mode of your Wii U so you aren't limited to games on one console. (3 weeks ago)

Who can tell me ? | Yahoo Answers

Who can tell me how or provide me with a thorough and effecient guide on menu using the LoZ Twilight Princess hack? I've seen them on YouTube but I would like to know how to do it myself. (3 weeks ago)

Definition of Hack

one who works hard at boring tasks; a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends; a mediocre and disdained writer; a tool as a hoe or pick or mattock used for breaking up the surface of the soil; a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money; an old or over worked horse; a horse kept for hire; a saddle horse used for transportation rather than sport etc cut with a hacking tool; be able to manage or manage successfully; cut away; kick on the arms; kick on the shins; fix a computer program piecemeal until it works; significantly cut up a manuscript; cough spasmodically